About myTamilDate

Welcome to myTamilDate.com! The best place to meet Tamil singles from your city and around the world. We’re based in Toronto (Canada) and have thousands of members from around the world. We launched in 2014 and since then, we’ve been responsible for countless marriages and meaningful relationships. Here are a few of our many success stories:

Toronto to New York: A Digital Love that Transcends Borders TietheThali: Sanjutha & Roban
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There are so many other dating sites and apps, what’s so unique about myTamilDate?

myTamilDate was founded by a group of young Tamil professionals from Toronto, who personally faced the challenges of meeting someone to date with shared cultural values and background. Traditional South Asian dating sites focused strictly on marriage and promoted outdated notions that we didn’t connect with, while mainstream sites just didn’t have many Tamils. And the ‘meet this great girl’ and ‘meet this great guy’ setups from family and friends was just way too high pressured and overwhelming. This shared sentiment amongst us led to the creation of myTamilDate - a low key way to meet someone special on our own terms.

What can members expect from myTamilDate?

You will be able to connect with Tamil singles from around the world in a way that suits what you're looking for. This could be the search for someone to marry, someone to date seriously or simply someone to share a cup of tea and good conversation. A no pressure approach to finding someone special.

We're always looking to improve our members’ experience. If you have something good or constructive to say, please do pass it on to us ([email protected]).